Omar meeting


This is a picture taken in Reading where myself and Flossy got an opportunity to meet Omar! He was getting ready to do his set but still took the time to take this picture literally seconds before he preformed.

I have been a Omar fan for a long time probably from when “There’s Nothing like this” came out in 1990, I was 15 (letting the age out now) but remember watching his performance on Top Of The Pops and being captivated, I ran out and brought the album and have been a fan ever since. I have seen him preform live a few times, once at the Stratford Circus and have been blown away each time with his stage presence and the fact that he has so many hits under his belt, I literally sing along with each song he preforms!

My favourite albums of Omar’s are

There’s Nothing Like This
This is not A Love Song

We will run into Omar again hopefully at other performance of his, as we here at d’Pikt adore Omar!

Diva-Choice for d’Pikt


by superblakey