What Glitters is not always Gold? It is Better

Most of us grew up on cherishing the value of real jewellery, be it gold or silver. However, whether you were one of those kids who were fortunate enough to have the authentic pieces. It is safe to say that most of you would have respected the legacy, that is often carried with jewellery and the pride in passing on favourite pieces to loved ones. Fortunately for the new generation. Times have changed and accessories have evolved. Hell, accessories even last longer these days and do not change colour as quick as they used too. Retailers now stock anything form basic quality accessories. To the luxury high end pieces that cost more but not nearly as much as the real deal costs in Swarovski or Tiffany’s. Now let me sway you through my fabulous jewellery pieces that are guaranteed to make you slay!

 Affordable luxury online boutique Diva Choice are setting trends and styling the likes of British celebrity Sinitta who is a true Diva Choice fan. Just look at how her body chain works as a glamorous feature to her outfit. To get the look or create your own. Shop for the Sinitta body chain with Diva Choice priced at only £35!

I have a thing for big earrings that dazzle and can speak for the top half off my outfit. I always find that bold statement earrings such as the Quartz, always does the trick for a simple outfit that needs volume ,or a dressy outfit that needs a compliment. Priced at only £15!

The Fleur body chain that crosses the chest area with a stunning flowery theme is just right for pulling off a plain dress or top. I said plain and simple not boring! The body chain fulfills it purpose for a dinner date or girly night to a bar! Whatever the occasion this beauty is bound to make your outfit pop.


Last but not least. I am going to leave you with my favourite, L.O.V.E. For the die hard Sex and The City fans like myself. Remember the movie when Carrie’s wedding went wrong and she could not remember her password for her emails, that she asked Jennifer Hudson to lock away. Before she looked at her key ring and suddenly remembered love. Well that very key ring that Accessorize re created and sold out immediately after the show. If earrings were made they would have been these and priced at an attractive £12

Photo credit: @divachoice


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