Wednesday’s Just Got Nasty With What To Wear

This weeks fashion feature is inspired by none other than the raw brand Nasty Gal! I absolutely  love the brand for their unapologetic statement clothing which speak for their name such as their T shirts. Nasty Gal have an extensive range of casual and sassy clothing and female dominance on their socials.

The first memory of Nasty Gal that I have is when a friend recommended me to watch a series on Neflix. Hours later I gave Girl Boss a chance and lets just say I finished the season. It was a great show about a young american girl striving to find who she is and finds her passion in vintage fashion. Whilst she reveals her hectic journey and wild moments along the way towards building Nasty Gal into a huge empire. Netflix left me craving for more. I thought it was just a show until I saw the power house brand all over social media in full effect. Female boss Mercedes Benson who is a fabulous DJ, Public figure and marketer is now a official ambassador for Nasty Gal.  She has deejayed for the likes of Fifth Harmony and is known for her quirky fashion sense. I look forward to seeing what nasty moves our London girl will doing with the brand moving forward. The black leather jacket and hat are both from Nasty Gal also.

            Stripe up your life this Spring because stripes are in season and so are you!

Photo credit: @nastygal

            For the casual days when your fashion don’t give a F*** available on

Photo credit: @nastygal

                          Embrace The Snob In Your Cranky Days with this T Shirt for only £15

Photo credit: @nastygal

                       Stripe your way through the week with this jumper for only £10 from your girl Nasty

Photo credit: @nastygal


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