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Become an agent

It is an exciting time for Diva Choice. We are proud of what we have achieved, our products, services our team to which we are looking to extend.
If you’ve ever dreamed of running your own business then becoming a Party Planner/Agent will really be great for you. The hours are flexible, the money is good, and you will also enjoy added benefits of being a team member.

Our Agents are the face of our company and are viewed as the foundation. Our company represents affordable luxury for all Women. We are synonymous with empowered Women who know what they want, work hard and deserve to be pampered and feel great!
Party Planning/Agent sales is the most social, Fun and exciting business for anyone looking to earn an extra income or undertake this as a full time occupation. Our Agents are strong, successful women from all backgrounds.

We hope we can welcome you to the team soon.

Team Diva


As a Diva Choice Agent you take control of your hours, so you can fit them round family or work commitments and still earn extra income. You won’t just be working with an established company and respected brand, you’ll enjoy 20% off all its products! And, as well as having more fun than you can imagine, the possibilities to earn serious rewards are endless.
For each person that you introduce to Diva choice who commits to becoming an agent we will make sure that you receive a reward of £10 for each person, you will also receive a percentage incentive on sales that your agents make.

You can choose any of our products from our website. We was going to set a minimum price that needs to be spent on kit building, but decided that we would like to be a platform to help people become their own bosses and earn extra cash, therefore you can choose any items you wish and build your kit at your own pace. You will be required to pay a £20 registration fee.
You can look forward to Sales incentives, promotions, recognition and free training
Anyone can be a Party Planner/Agent; all you need is the passion for socialising. We think having parties is the best way to gather women together in a relaxed fun atmosphere to look at your products, however if you would prefer to just straight sell that is fine by us also. No experience is necessary as we give you all the help you need. Training is free and on-going, enabling you get on our career ladder and then climb right up it.

IT PAYS TO Become an Agent

Make your dreams come true and make money while you do:
Earn 20% on any anything that you sell
Earn a Bonus when you achieve sales targets
Become a team manager (managing a team of Party Planners/Agents) and earn commission on your team’s sales on top of your earnings.
If you don’t have the time to become an agent but know someone who would be good at it, introduce them anyway and still enjoy your introduction bonus as well as agent sales commission!

Ok Lets summarise all benefits
1. 40% on your first purchase with Diva Choice (ideally to build your kit)
2. 20% commission rate on anything you sell
3. Receive £10 bonus for any committed agent you introduce
4. Receive a further 5% bonus on your agent sales
5. Build your kit at your own pace
6. Free ongoing training and support
7. A healthy commission boost when sales milestones are met
8. Earn a residual income even if you don’t become an agent
9. Flexible hours
10. Unlimited earnings

Give us a call today 08449959670 or email us and sign up today

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