Shots of Fashion with Hennessy

Have you heard about the fashionista who is taking over social media and creating her own lane?

Cardi B’s youngest sister Hennessy Carolina, has just as much personality as her bigger sister and has been making real money moves. Dating back to Love and Hip Hop New York where she often featured in episodes with her sister Bacardi. Hennessy made her footprint and went on to feature in episodes without her sister. It comes at no surprise to know that she is a stylist and suspected to be raking in $15,000 a month just for wearing fabulous garments from the ultimate fit of Fashionova. Just as we have seen Cardi B, Blac Chyna and many other social media sensations endorse their clothing.

I stepped into the world of Hennessy and got a little tipsy over her stylegram when I saw her looking effortlessly in the tropical Fashionova piece.

Red looks good on Hennessy with this Ariel look and lavish tied blouse.

Photo credit: @hennessycarolina

Style watch: I could not help but notice the popular chain mail top which Hennessy dazzled in and is a symmetrical version of Diva Choice’s Giovanna chain mail top.

When you look hot in pink and you know it! I am a sucker for my pink and totally love this little to the imagination trench coat and Hennessy’s Goldilocks curls.

Blog by Lisa Brown @browncoachpr

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