Runway Shows (Feat. Diva Choice at Fuze Feb 2015)


Back when Diva Choice was a thought in my mind, I would run on the treadmill at the gym (a place I need to visit again lol) and think of how I would present my lingerie in a show.  Our first ever show was at Westfield’s in Stratford, It was a small setting as it took place in the very first pop up shop that I ever took part in.  The energy during this show was something that I will never forget, The models were beautiful, Face for Music supplied the models for this show and the directors of this company Lina and Chams were on point as were their models.  This was the first time that I worked with STYLISTA our resident stylist and she did a fantastic job! Maxine our runway coach made sure the models were in tip top condition, all in all the team was amazing and the energy was high, People went above and beyond to support me, Accounts Navigator, Judith Richards, Platinum Hair Design and Eminence Mode sponsored me and the support and love made our first ever show a night that will never be forgotten

The second show was at the Park Plaza Hotel in Westminster.  Channel 4 were following Platinum Hair Design for a TV show on hairdressers and Nina one of the directors of  Platinum invited me to be part of this experience and once again made sure our models were “pretty on fleek” This show was nerve racking for me as a tube strike so happened to be scheduled for the same day so of course that would affect the amount of people that would be in attendance of our show right? Wrong! The hotel was pack and again team work and positive intentions made this to be yet another show to be remembered.

Our third show we were invited to take part in Fuze hosted in Bristol.  Myself, STYLISTA, Sheldon of Worl Mag (my right arm and the newest member of our team Emerzy Corbin packed ourselves into my my tiny Yaris and headed up the motorway. This show was bigger than anything that we had done previous, but is exactly the type of show that I imagined running on the treadmill. It was a great experience for myself and the team as we discovered many new things in that beautiful town they call Bristol and got first hand experience of what it would take to put on a show of this magnitude.

I guess what I am trying to say is that what ever you conceive in your mind can definitely become a reality, and I look forward to creating more dreams that will become a reality in my personal and professional life…………..

Take a look at our showcase in Bristol below

Love and Light Always

Tricia Divachoice Blake

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