Review for Crimson Splash

I just received the most wonderful review from a loyal customer, take a look at what she has to say, it will make you smile I know I did ………..


So-my Crimson Splash Bustier from Diva Choice arrived.

Naturally I was very excited to see how it fit and what I looked like in it. The name Crimson Splash had me temporarily imagining myself as some kind of lingerie superheroine. Like Wonder Woman if she’d had gorgeous lingerie or perhaps a female equivalent of The Scarlet Pimpernel

I was, for a moment, The Crimson Splash, a vermillion-lipsticked burlesque caped crusader, righting erotic wrongs, friend of the weak and poor and anyone who admired the sight of a curvy woman in a sexy bustier.
All this and I hadn’t even tried it on-phew!

I hoped that I might look moderately super-heroine-like in it. But, more than anything else, I wanted to feel good.

I suppose that one of my issues with bustiers is that between the boning and the hooks and straps, there’s not always a lot of room for feeling comfortable.

Perhaps it’s that age-old lingerie sacrifice of sexiness for comfort, but I have always believed that it is possible to pursue and achieve both and in the Crimson Splash (swashbuckling with panache and more than a hint of cleavage),I do believe that Diva Choice have found the Holy Grail of bustiers.
The boning enhanced not restricted, the hooks snaked seductively down my back instead of bulging, pinching or otherwise not behaving themselves.
I felt both incredibly beautiful and incredibly snug, supported and comfortable.

Crimson Splash comes with detachable suspender straps to suit your outfit or mood and matching panties.

Now-where’s my cape?


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