Press Party Launch: Who put the Sin in Sinitta?

Thursday evening welcomed the exclusive release of Sinnita’s never seen before VOOK and single, which was presented through the launch party in London, Bloomsbury.   

Fashionista and artist, Sinitta takes fashion and music to new heights for her new single “Shine with pride”. Luxury online boutique Diva Choice’s PR team, gathered all the behind the scenes highlights especially for you. Some of Diva Choice’s army of models Zimi, Cherry, Linah London, Cherelle, Michelle and Celina helped Sinitta make an entrance for her performance which they all killed. Diva Choice had a stand with their extended collection which many guests were mesmerised over. Sinitta showed off her Diva Choice collection which she wore on the day, showcased on the models and behind a lot of the visuals for this press occasion. Worl Mag were filming live on the evening capturing all the behind the scenes, and key moments of the exclusive viewing. 

Photo credit: @nlpr

Don’t worry divas I have got you covered! Hold on tight for “Who  put the sin in Sinitta?” Once the Gin and Tonics and cocktails were flowing over mingling time before the event started. Everyone entered the grand room and seated around the runway as all the guests got the first look behind Sinitta’s video book which is a raw cut view of Sinitta’s fabulous, embarrassing, funny and lowest sad points of her life. She gives us the opportunity to feel and see her emotions and spread awareness on key issues that have not only affected her but many people all over the nation. 

Photo credit: @emerzycorbin

The talented show stopper X-factor star, Sean Miley Moore was also in attendance at the fabulous affair and my mother could not help but drag me to take our picture. We absolutely loved his Beyonce sas and energy he bought to the X Factor during his time.

Photo credit: @browncoachpr

When the diva choice army step out they come to slay and not to play. The Queen of Diva Choice certainly looked the part. Red carpet ready! Tricia Blake, CEO of Diva Chocie, worked with Sinitta to develop the shine swimsuit as part of the collection showcased by the models.









There is nothing like ending the night with a group picture full of fun and memories. The performance was amazing and had everyone on their feet or in their own vibe feeling the love and energy. The Q & A was very intimate and she gave a real sense of openness with her journey, growth and passion to spread awareness amongst the younger generation.

The lovely model and pop dancer Celina alongside the stunning singer and model Linah London behind the scenes.

Photo credit: @nlpr

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