Maxine Moments

I have been a Busy Busy Bee. We had an opportunity to host an event at the Park Plaza Hotel in Westminster.

My Hair Sponsors Platinum Hair Design confirmed that they would come on board and make the models look fab, however they are being filmed as part of a documentary for TV so brought the cameras and crew with them. I was excited about this fantastic opportunity but definitely felt the pressure to ensure we presented our presentation to the best of our ability.

This is where Maxine comes in, she is a great runway coach and offers support across the board when hosting an event like this. This is a video detailing some of the work Maxine has put in across both of my projects so far

When I am up doing my unprepared speeches at the end of a successful event, I always forget to thank Maxine, but in truth she is a major component of our shows success.

Take a look at some of our favourite Maxine Moments

Enjoy x

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