It is undeniable the legacy that the late 91 year old, Hubert de Givenchy has let behind with his historical statement in fashion, will only live on forever through Givenchy.. From celebrities, designers and rising fashionistas all have in common some influence on the household name and brand itself. The luxurious brand dresses the most famous Hollywood stars such as Elizabeth Taylor, Beyonce The Kardashians,Julia Roberts,Madonna and Rihanna to name a few. Lets take a look at a few iconic Givenchy moments.

Remember when Beyonce stung everyone with her Lemonade album and shot the video for Hold Up which everyone had to do after seeing her braids and dress by Givenchy.

United as they have been for ever so long in true partnership and love for fashion wih the original muse Audrey Hepburn and Givenchy

Photo credit: Givenchy & Audrey Hepburn

Today Givenchy’s most recent range from fashion weekcwith The Coat Look 41 & The Print Look 9 from the #GivenchyFW18  designed by @clarewaightkeller who was appointed last year as the lead.


The Queen of Pop Madonna was also  a fan and loyal client of Givenchy looking stunning in her black number


                 Long Live Givenchy and may his legacy live on through his brand forever more.


Blog By: Lisa Brown @browncoachpr

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