It’s Ok To Not Feel Strong Today

I have been described as a strong character many times, in fact I would agree with that description of myself. It is a blessing to be strong it means you can get through life irregardless of what it decideds it wants to throw at you, however I find that people very rarely ask if I am ok they just assume that I am.

I then fell into this masked behaviour of always appearing to be unaffected by situations because I had this reputation of strength to live up to, not that anyone placed this task on me, to be honest it is something I tasked myself with. I would go though life saying “im fine” or “I don’t care” but would still have the cheek to be angry that no one checked to see if I am ok.

I think for me that behaviour was my way of protecting myself, at some point this behaviour became part of me and I actually became quite clinical about people and situations, not looking back if a friendship came to an end, but now I am determined to not be led by Ego and try to assess each situation with as much love as possible, don’t get me worng this does not mean that I will become a doormat, I will still cut situations off that are not right for me but not without thought or considerable action to rectify the matter.

The caption for today states that the worst thing about being strong is that noone ever asks if you are okay, however because you are strong it does not mean that you cannot say to love ones that you are not ok, I need help, I am hurting today this does not make you weak, this allows you to be taken care of when you need it and takes the ridiculous pressure off of love ones to be expected to mind read.

Speak up be your real authentic self, allow yourself to be rescued, believe it or not the strong deserve that too

Tricia x

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