Introducing The Viral Model That is Breaking Social Media

ASOS raised the bar in diversity and made an empowering move to the regular woman out there like myself and many women out there who do not fit the standard runway definition. Members of the public caught eye of beautiful plus size model represented by Bridge Models, Vivian Eyo-Ephraim. She posed confidently showcasing a number of products from ASOS range which included a yellow two piece bikini. Curves, smiles, flaws and all without major editing of her original shape and Vivian slayed. Her pictures and profile quickly became viral on Twitter where many people applauded her presence for finally seeing a model that looks like them. Vivian never imagined that her modelling for ASOS would resort to such recognition over her presence than the actual products.

Teen Vogue, The Daily Mail and The Metro are among a few of the major platforms highlighting the melanin goddess.

Photo credit Teen Vogue

Take a look at Vivian glowing as she poses for ASOS in a number of products. Hopefully we will get to see this beauty on more brands in the future.

Photo credit: ASOS

Keep breaking barriers Vivian and bringing more Queens along with you!

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