Interview: Introducing Diva Choice’s Ambassador Gi Gi and BTS Action

With the snow over I am here to warm you up with the heat from the melanated goddess, Gi Gi. I am excited to write this blog feature dedicated to the face of Diva Choice. I have been fortunate to work with this beauty and watch a beautiful relationship develop with Gi Gi and Diva Choice , which ultimately led to her becoming a brand ambassador for the luxury boutique. If you are familiar with Diva Choice’s events then you know that beautiful models are never far from being apart of speaking volumes for the brand with bringing the products to life. A close relationship with the award winning modelling agency Face 4 Music has always helped the brand, to find great models for different projects and witness them go on to grow. Gi Gi came to a casting for Diva Choice last year October, and the entire team were in awe at not only her undeniable beauty and chocolate glowing complexion but she had a humble nature about her that was so refreshing which has always remained.

I had a conversation with Gi Gi behind the scenes and had a quick inte.rview to let you all get to know the glorious Gi Gi in her words. I asked her about the message she would give to all of the divas out there reading. She expressed with great passion.

 ” It’s OK to be un-apologetically you and act like the boss lady that you are! If you have a dream, go after it. Stay positive and be grateful for what you have. “

Photo credit@giginxv

On Sunday 18th March we curved through the snow to execute the official photo shoot for The Gi Gi collection which will be showcased exclusively at Diva Choice’s next event Cupcakes & Cocktails this SATURDAY. I saw a sneak peek of some of the untouched photos and they looked absolutely stunning.

Photo credit: @nlpr








From Diva Choice’s swim wear to the body bling jewellery selection. Gi Gi posed for a number of looks she collaboratively put together with Diva Choice and NLPR, in a twist of summer loving looks you can wear.



Photo credit: @nlpr

Intimate events are the perfect way to network and build great relationships over fabulous cocktails. Come along and meet myself, the extended Diva Choice team, Worl Mag’s creative team and Gi Gi the amazing brand ambassador herself. The collection will launch that day and so much will be in store especially for you including deals. Follow @worlmag and @divachoice to be the first  to know about more information.

Blog by Lisa Brown @bowncoachpr

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