Diva Choices

“I was trying to work out the other day, just exactly why I was so passionate about lingerie. I could have chosen so many other things to have been passionate about now that I’m thinking about it, things that could have changed the world, altered my salary considerably-upwards or have been important in some meaningful way.
That I live, breathe and love lingerie has been apparent for a long time, but why??
As I was scouring my memory for any hint as to the origin of my passion,I came across something tucked away. A Father Ted Xmas special, in which the hapless priests somehow manage to become lost in Ireland’s largest lingerie department.
Whilst they struggled, visibly sweating in a labyrinth of lace, a maze of mesh and a hill of hosiery, Ted, utterly exhausted and pained, asked “Why do they need so many different types of underwear?”
And that, for me, is the abiding question. Why indeed. And the answer has to be, “We don’t”. We don’t need that many different types of underwear. lingerie is not necessary. its not a requirement, a pre-requisite for existence, not fundamentally needed in any real way, And that there is precisely why I love it.

Because it is unnecessary. because it is impractical. Because it is….desirable and not essential.
We buy lingerie to make ourselves feel good, pretty, joyful, seductive, sexy, fun, cheeky, glamorous, naughty, lustful, cute, girly and special.
How can I possibly contain all of these emotions, all of these states of being, all of these glorious facets of who I am in a few sets of everyday underwear. I cannot. I will not.
And so I demand variety. I demand beauty and bows, sophistication with straps, I demand lace,ribbons,tassels,clips, colourscy tights, because that is a part of what it means to be a woman. I realise now, that my passion is meaningful, is important, because it is about me.”

Jilly x

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