Diva Choice Launches It’s First Ladies Night

If your best girly friend mentions to you the words ‘ladies night’ what comes to mind? Alcohol, laughter, fashion, real straight talk or a male stripper? Well on Saturday 11th April 2015 Diva Choice provided all of the above! Diva Choice’s hosted their very first ladies night event at the Harpers bar and night club in the City of London.

The night was opened and the female filled audience was kept entertained by writer, comedienne and host Maureen Younger. A name you may recognise from the famous Comedy Store in Piccadilly London. Maureen’s comedy kept the audience in hysterics as she told funny antidotes that most women could relate to. Once the night got into full swing, fun competitive games were played for example pin the willy on the hunk. What!? You may ask, … As a child you may have played the blindfolded game ‘Pin the tail on the donkey’. Well it’s practically the same concept only the donkey is a big poster of a naked man and the tail…..is a willy! Another involved two women going head to head against the clock. The task to put on a piece of lingerie that looks so complicated that even the most talented stylist would have trouble. Lots of fun as the audience cheered on their favourite girl.

Then came Tyson Brown. A name worth googling if you happened to miss the unforgettable performance. Lets just say the ladies were ‘fully’ entertained but a big warning, definitely not for the faint hearted.

I heard one woman describe the perfect specimen of a man as ‘sex on a stick’.

Tyson’s performance was then followed by a small fashion show giving a sneak preview of the new collection from Diva Choice. Once the event was over the ladies was given first opportunity to purchase a sexy piece of lingerie from the new line. At midnight Diva Choice generously opened up the event to men where the rest of the night was partied away. I Can’t wait until the next ladies night as Diva Choice promises that after the nights success, the next one definitely can’t be missed . x

Check out the fun.

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