Diva Choice Goes On The Run with the Carters

Last Friday night and Saturday in London was not just about the celebrations of Ramadan but the birth of the biggest concert of the year!

Beyoncé & Jay Z’s On The Run Tour II kicked off at the London Empire where the Beyhive swarmed for the Carters. The CEO of Diva Choice, Tricia Blake had to stand up for the original diva and enjoy her extra special birthday gift. #Friendshipgoals I know right. Diva Choice had a great time singing and dancing the night away.  We all know Beyoncé never falls short of putting on a show full of energy from start to finish, which she has her dance captain to thank for. Ashley Everett has worked with the Queen Bey since she was 15 and is the lead choreographer, behind all of the star studded performances and signature moves that we love.

The powerhouse couple threw back some of their classics such as the iconic Crazy in Love and Deja Vu. Jay Z sported a more natural look steering towards the theme of the concert. He had the crowd vybzing to 99 problems and Dirt off your shoulder to name a few. Diva and Freedom set the London Empire on fire when Beyoncé became animated.

I have only captured a fraction of the fashion that the iconic couple wore and it was nothing short of basic.The diva even took a moment to honour the lives lost in the tragedy of Grenfell where she dedicated the song “Forever Young” to their memory.

Beyoncé recreated a stunning Dolce & Gabbana runway look by one of the biggest supermodels of all time Linda Evangelista. She looked incredibly stunning talk about red hot.

Have you ever seen the crowd going ape shit? The crowd did exactly that when Beyoncé and Jay Z made a grand announcement, with the live release of their new album “Everything is Love”.

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