Diva Choice at Fuze Bristol 2015


We are so excited here at Diva Choice as we are taking part in the annual Fuze Fashion Show in February 2015.
We received allot of emails from people asking us to do various things or sponsor shows etc but Mary who is part of the Fuze team sent me a request to be part of the show and sent me some footage of their most recent event, take a look…

Anyway we watched the clip and immediately became excited; I got on the phone to STILISTA who we are blessed to have style for our team, Emerzy Corbin who is a fantastic Photographer and Sheldon from Worl Mag who is the best videographer in this part of town and arranged a road trip with my dream team!

The show will be taking place on the 20th and the 21st of February 2015 at Bristol University and will mainly feature or corsets and bustier collection with a touch of new pieces that I will be introducing in the New Year
Head over to Fuze Bristol or for more information about the show and how you can attend. They also wrote a wonderul blog post about us, take a look at or below

We will continue to keep you posted

Diva Choice


Words: Gussie Ivory-Peters

What is a diva?
“I am inspiration”, ”I am strong”, “ I am independent”, “I am powerful”, “ I am a wife”, “ I am a mother”, “ I am a daughter”, “ I am me”, “I am what I am”…Let’s be honest – we’ve all been there. Prancing around the bedroom in our underwear and high heels, blaring out Taylor Swift’s ‘22’ into a hairbrush, feeling as though we could rule the world. The epitome of a ‘Diva’. A word even recognized by the Urban Dictionary as “a woman who has self confidence, self respect, and hella swagger”.

This year we are lucky enough to be welcoming Diva Choice to FUZE 2015, whose stunning corset designs will be featured on our catwalk. Diva Choice is a luxury brand that specialises in women’s lingerie, creating flattering designs for all shapes and sizes. Their collection is not only limited to lingerie, but also includes all sorts of pampering products to make you feel body beautiful. Diva Choice also offers exclusive services such as pamper parties, personal stylists, gift boxes and vouchers, details of which are featured on their website and are perfect gifts if you want to make a loved one feel great this Christmas. Alternatively, go on and treat yourself to a cheeky little number…

Diva Choice is a brand created to empower women, making females feel great about their bodies. Here at FUZE, we share this ethos. By working alongside our charity SARSAS, our aim is to give confidence back to women, and to encourage all Divas that they have a Choice – the choice to wear what they want, the choice to do what they want, and the choice to say No. Women should feel comfortable about showing off their bodies, and a short skirt, bare legs and high heels, is never an invitation for harassment or abuse. This partnership between Diva Choice and FUZE reinforces the idea that every woman has the right to dress how they choose and to feel sexy at the same time, something we hope to demonstrate on the catwalk at the final showcase on the 20th and 21st of February!

For more information on Diva Choice, or to take a look at their stunning collection, check out their website.

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