Diamond Diva Xmas Reflections

As thoughts turn slowly towards Xmas, clothes shops up and down the country are turning their thoughts to their window displays. No festive fashion window is complete without the obligatory lingerie display.
I’m never sure if this is supposed to act as a reminder for the men looking to bag a sexy gift and have become distracted by a rush of blood away from the head, by the lace, frills, straps and heaving mannequin busts. Or, are they meant for us to think about what will go ever so well beneath those sparkly, dressy, party frocks?
Nobody loves a gift of quality lingerie more than me, but when it’s cold enough to be wearing hat, scarves and gloves, it takes a little persuasion to skip and sashay and reveal that much flesh. So, Xmas sees us torn between a celebratory bustier and briefs or an altogether cosier electric quilted onesie.
I do want each aspect of myself to be honoured at Xmas though. One of those aspects is most definitely the sexy, sultry uber-cute lingerista, celebrating her own curves and body in the prettiest ways possible even though a quick peek out the window at the weather might remind me that I’m less of a slacious slinky vamp and more of a slobby slanket tramp.
So yes-buy me, buy us lingerie. Lingerie that we want and in our size. Spoil us, pamper us, and cherish us.

BUT lingerie is not just for Xmas, which is why we’ve come up with an ingenious way of ensuring you can be given the gift that keeps pampering long after your New Year’s resolutions have faded into the hellish, unrealistic place some of them naturally belong.

Each one of our Diamond Diva packages are a unique mix designed for the sexy you and the you that needs to be pampered. Lingerie and pamper products straight to your door, lifting your soul once a month (for 3, 6 or 12 months)
Speaking of New Year’s resolutions. How about we resolve to make 2015 the year we celebrate all that it means to be us with beautiful lingerie, unique bath products and pampering goodies.

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