All You Need To See And Know About The UK Premier Of Black Panther

When Moor Style Flourished The Purple Carpet This Week for The UK Premier of Black Panther.

This weekend the momentum from the US release of Black Panther was carried on by social agency, Vamp. From the hashtags, to the memes, inspirational shoots, media coverage and the beautiful trend in African kente prints among the stars. It is safe to say that Black Panther is more just a movie and is a true breakthrough moment in the film industry, and an unapologetic expression of black excellence among black people world wide. To have a powerful all black cast highlighted in an empowering script, for a super hero movie which is not based on drugs, violence, negative gangs,  sex, broken families and poverty is an understatement. All too often among producers of all backgrounds you find black roles being shifted towards a negative light over positive. Idris Elba has been very outspoken about the struggle of gaining empowering roles, without typical black stereotypes more than once on social media so this is a big move for all black people. Part of the cast Urban Hymn’s Letitia Wright, Lupia Nyong’o and Get Out star Daniel Kaluuya looked stunning at the premier and proud to be a part of history.

Moving on to the royal purple carpet whee stars such as Krept & Konan, Stormzy, Ms Banks, Clara Amfo, Nadia Rose and Remel London all came out dressed in  honor of this unique experience. Moor means black king and Queen; which is a word that has a world of history behind black people who were a true representation, of royalty and wisdom throughout the world. Unfortunately the word Nigga or Nigger however you want to spell it, came around after the Moors were dominated during slavery yet the word nigga has more exposure and use over being Moor. When I saw the beauty and proud looks on people excited to see the film or excited to see the premier all I could see was Moor fashion!

Eastenders star Charles Venn and actor David Ajayla look absolutely handsome they pose with pride in their African print attire


It would only be right to give David Ajayla a solo horizontal capture of his lavish purple and orange detailed outfit!


Photo credit: @davidajayla


Award winning Blogger Chidera gave me life with her effortless natural Beyonce like Austin Powers look…She totally nailed it.


Let us see you in your authentic print outfits even if it is a throw back picture. Lets keep the momentum going with black pride. A positive trend is always a good one. Tag us your picture of yourself in your fab traditional print outfits. Don’t be shy and join in with FabFit Friday’s. I want to see all Kings and Queens tag me for the chance to be featured on @worlmag & @divachoice as our FabFit Queen or King.

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